Political Psychology Associates, Ltd. (PPA), a behavioral science consulting company provides applied behavioral research and consultation to corporate and government clients was founded in 1987. As a privately owned firm, PPA applies its expertise in the psychological profiling of individuals and groups and to a range of leadership, group dynamics, employee and forensic challenges.  PPA specializes in threat assessments, counter-terrorism, industrial espionage, violence in the work place, leadership profiling, profiling in support of law enforcement, the psychology of the dangerous insider, with special reference to information technology, labor-management relations, and litigation and negotiation support.


PPA services include:

  • Organizational assessment and intervention

  • Forensic profiling, including threat assessment and management

  • Leadership profiling, including negotiations, litigation, due diligence and executive support

  • Behavioral security audits, concentrating on vulnerabilities to computer crime, violence in the workplace and corporate campaigns

  • Employee selection and screening

  • On-line systems for employee selection, employee assistance and monitoring

  • Group dynamics assessments: evaluating the strengths and vulnerabilities of organizations

  • Strategic communications support: audience assessment to support effective communications programs
  • Threat assessment

Jerrold Post, M.D. founded PPA after a 21-year career with the U.S. Government where he directed a specialized multi-disciplinary unit for the profiling of individual and group political behavior.